• Date:April 2022

With Delhi's irresistible and blooming persona and Youth India Foundation's committed efforts and passion, Youth India Delhi was formed. Youth Delhi is the heart of operations for social welfare and motivational support for youth around us. It is a platform where development, funding and implementation solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues is focused on. A team of 50 dedicated members from Delhi make its core team and it consists of societies in more than 10 colleges

Events in Delhi

Youth Delhi organized various thrilling events such as Sniff-an online Scavenger hunt game , Strike the mic - Poetry, beatboxing, Standup , Fitoor - online solo singing competition and Shipwreck - save your life through words

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Through these varied initiatives, Youth India Foundation continues to inspire positive change, uplift communities, and nurture a generation of empathetic and empowered youth committed to building a better India.