West Bengal

West Bengal

  • Date:April 2022
West Bengal

As the name might suggest YOUTH BENGAL is the West Bengal branch of Youth India Foundation. It is an active branch under the Youth India Foundation, which is a social entrepreneurship platform wheren youth from all over the nation unite to implement their knowledge and skills for a good cause. Youth Bengal, through the organization of various events strives to raise funds for the betterment of the society. After the grand success of Strike the mic, an open mic event, now the state team is overseeing the societies.

Events in Kolkata

At present, the events organised by the societies are Danze In - A dance event for showing off your moved, Fitoor - A singing competition to mesmerize people with your voice, Commerce Conclave - A commerce event to nurture the knowledge of students, Comicsville - A standup comedy event to bring a smile on your face and Sniff- A treasure hunt event to explore your skills.

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Through these varied initiatives, Youth India Foundation continues to inspire positive change, uplift communities, and nurture a generation of empathetic and empowered youth committed to building a better India.