• Date:April 2022

Formed as a direct extension of Youth India, is our subsequent team, Youth Maharashtra. Hailing from the commercial capital of India is a group of young and vibrant students from over 10+ different colleges in the state. The team has time and again demonstrated their zeal by joining our quest towards building a community and raising funds for noble social causes. They have been incessantly working towards creating fun and exciting events, getting the youth to engage productively.


Youth Maharashtra team is proud to have hosted a plethora of successful event. With an aim to promote art and creativity amongst the youth, they hosted their first ever festival ‘Chitrapat’ , loosely translating to film screen in Hindi and Marathi. It was one of our most successful events as approximately 250+ registrations were received. This not only helped us to explore the profuse talent within the country but also proved the event to come out as a big hit. The proceeds collected from these events were directed towards one of our initiatives “Youth India Productions” which oversees the production of films that bring to the fore, the pressing issues that we face as a nation. Various eminent personality from across different fields of life are invited to judge the competitions and motivate the participants. We are eternally grateful to our participants for helping us make every event a huge success. We are also super proud of our Maharashtra team for spreading positivity with art, helping the youth explore its creative potential and raising funds for a noble social cause.

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Through these varied initiatives, Youth India Foundation continues to inspire positive change, uplift communities, and nurture a generation of empathetic and empowered youth committed to building a better India.