• Date:April 2022

This state doesn’t get shattered even after a disaster, known as the sports capital of Indin. It’s none other than Odisha. Create such memories that none can erase it, Your eyes would be waiting for such beautiful sight, For which Odisha takes so much pride. A land where the tribes still survive as the history recite. Where the culture is preserved as a man’s life. Where the dancing dolphins can be seen in the day light in the India’s largest coastal lagoon. Being blessed with the largest kitchen in the Jaganath temple To the best feeling of refreshment in the eco marine drive retreat The chandrabhaga has a unique specialty, even in the hot weather You can feel here cold winds. the breath- taking ancient statue of Buddha at Ratnagiri Is a prove Odisha was never lagging behind in the field of art and architecture. This is the beauty of Odisha.


Here in Odisha starts another beautiful thing, The youth Odisha foundation. Odisha too was incomplete without this. As the famous saying goes today's youth is tomorrow's future, Youth India needs the help of youth Odisha to make the world a better living place. Youth carry a great energy inside them, why let them go in vain come use it in making Odisha a better place. Being born unique, do something unique in this small allowance of time. Help some needy by being with us count your blessings and polish your experiences which you would need for your life ahead

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