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Youth Tamil Nadu is society with over 500 members. They have put their heart and energy into developing a society that we are pleased to be a part of.

Youth Odisha has aided Youth India Foundation in making the world a better place to live in every manner imaginable. They have recognized the power that youth possesses and have utilized it to bring smiles to many people's faces.

Youth Maharashtra is a group of students from over 10+ different colleges in the commercial hub of India. The team has repeatedly proved their dedication by joining us in our efforts to develop a community and raise donations for worthy social causes.

Welcome to the land of gold, also known as Electronic city or IT hub of India. None other than Karnataka. People here are kind hearted, Interacting with them feels as comfortable as drinking a nicely brewed coorg coffee on a early morning. .

We make, a living from what we get, but we make a life from what we give,” Youth India Delhi is a team of dedicated members who are working towards addressing Delhi’s social, cultural, and environmental issues. The goal of Youth India Delhi is to bring young people from all areas of life together

Youth Bengal is a thriving branch of the Youth India Foundation. It brings together young people from throughout the country to put their expertise and skills to good use.


The Youth India Outreach initiative by the Youth India Foundation revolves around the idea of kindness and compassion towards the society. Currently, there is an outreach team in 12 states working to bring together young people to engage in and promote social work.

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Our Recent Leadership Program for YOUTH

For all the e-sport lovers, Youth OMR is organising a BGMI and Free Fire battleship 28, 29 July and 1, 2 August respectively. Registrations are open with a price drop.

The Sunbeam society, U.P is organising a series of competitions for all the young talents out there. Unleash the hidden artist in you and showcase your talent through story-telling, acting, stand-up, art and much more. Register now from our website.

Youth India KTR chapter is here with an exciting hackathon, a web-development tech event organised on 29th and 30th July. Gear up yourself and register now!


Mr Subhankar Nanda

The Founder and the Chairman but mostly importantly, the backbone of the organization. A brave hearted man, powerful and continuously growing to better. Shubhankar has been service oriented and worked on mammoth projects since his teenage. He organized a tech-fest just at the age of 16. He started Youth India to mobilize the youth of our nation to unleash their potentials to the fullest. Starting with only 4 people, Youth India was led by Shubhankar and now has 7000 members. He started the organization with a good cause and to build a social entrepreneurship platform where the youth of the nation gather to become an organization where development, funding, and implementation of solutions to all kinds of problems takes place.

Whatever you want to achieve,
Youth India Foundation’s community will help you reach it.



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They say helping someone in times of need is God's work and helping without any expectations is the most human thing one can do. So let’s join hands to reach out to those in need. Volunteer for a good future. Be a volunteer!
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One for all and all for one, Youth India Foundation is your friend through the best or the worst, nothing in between.


An online initiative for marketing that provides an open and safe platform for all entrepreneurs to promote and sell their products.


Distance is no barrier in the way of education. Youth India Foundation’s initiative to help the society by providing study materials and guidance to every being despite anything. Because a better tomorrow starts with today.

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An online singing competition organized by Youth Odisha. "The finale had a reach of 1.5 lakh people with over 5000 live viewers, all the top 6 were past winners of various national level competitions.

November 15th, 2020, Shades, an event organized by Youth Odisha. The event brought forth the raw unrecognised local talents of Odisha, to give them their own special stands to prove their worth before thousands of eyes.

An online coding competition was organized from 6th - 10th June, 2021by the SICSR Chapter of Youth Maharashtra. The event was a great success as youth from all over the country gathered to showcase their skills.




Subhankar Nanda

True success is not acing all your exams, working at the top notch companies, earnings millions of money but becoming a humble human who uses his power to bring smiles on the faces.


Aanis Narnolia

I've always believed that every nook and cranny has a story waiting to be told and I am set to make sure those beautiful stories are heard


Sangram Sahoo

Capturing precious moments from life - photography - is something that helps you to know who you are, connecting you to your past.


Pushney Mahapatra

Versatility - the key competency of the future. Just as important it is to master something you have a talent for, it is equally important to take up new hobbies and develop them.

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Ankit Soni

I am Ankit Soni, National General Secretary of Youth India Foundation. I started my journey in youth india in January 2021 as a business development member. It's been almost 7 months, and the graph of my learning experience has shown tremendous growth. With every passing day, not just on how to be a better worker or manager, but also, how to be a better person. Started in the field of public relations, marketing and business development, youth india has become the bedrock to my career. Nevertheless, it gives me the space to think and model my ideas as well as the opportunity to implement and see them in action. I believe that the potential of this foundation is beyond the seven skies and we, the youth in true sense, can make unbelievable changes, only if we believe in ourselves.

Deeksha Lamba

My name is Deeksha Lamba, my experience at Youth India foundation has been wholesome, I started as a member of the Ramanujan Society's PR department, where I not only learned a lot of new skills, but also grew professionally. I was promoted as a PR head of society , and learned the know-how of team management, and cultivated healthy relations with people which improved my communication skills. Youth India Foundation was my first internship, and I put my heart and soul into it. Working as the public relations director for All States and overseeing the entire PR department as interim PR director, I am always learning and growing. I am elevated to be a part of this organisation because it has provided me with constant support and a familiar setting.

Harsh Joshi

My name is Harsh and I'm currently a part of the Marketing Department. My journey at Youth India Foundation has been amazing. The Marketing department is like one big family for me. Youth India Foundation has one of the best working environments, where I got to develop myself, both professionally and as a person. People here are doing crazy things at young ages, there's a lot to learn from every single person. Everyone is valued here, their success is celebrated and problems are solved with serenity. Such professionalism combined with a positive environment makes me feel very comfortable and involved. I have actually seen myself growing day by day, learning new skills and developing new relations. It's just a beginning for me and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this wonderful organization. Anyone who seeks to be a part of YIF, this is one of the best platforms that can help you build a better future.

Karan Nandwani

There comes a time in every person's life, when they wish to be a part of something bigger than themselves. It is either a way to reassure themselves that they have a path worth walking or to experience control over their progress. This is what made me sign up with this organization whose workings I would describe as nothing short of quintessential. Haranguing about myself would be inconsequential, for I am nothing but a man here to help in the way I know best, IT and people. Help me make a change, no matter how small it is.

Shaleen Kispotta

My name is Shaleen Kispotta, currently working as National HR Director for the Youth India Foundation. It's been a year now with YIF and I can honestly say that it's been fantastic since I've not only met friends, but also found a family. It's been a long journey that has aided my professional and personal development. I'd say it was a difficult task for me to build a team, being president of Viman Nagar Society, Maharashtra but it was the one from which I learned a great day. I was promoted to National HR Director after three months. I can't even count how many things I've learned in the last one year. The people here are absolute sweethearts and I just love working with each one of them. The organisation has really aided me in honing my leadership skills and has also shown me that I am capable of much more than I previously believed!

Sukhraj Singh SAPAL

My name is Sukhraj, and I began my journey as the National Ambassador for the Youth India Foundation. In addition, I was the country's first Ambassador. I was looking for different viewpoints on various roles, and I knew the Youth India Foundation was a trustworthy source. I started with a team of 15 campus ambassadors and have since grown to a fully trained team of 200+ campus ambassadors from throughout the country. Also People at YIF have always treated me as if I were a member of their family, always supporting and cherishing. Presently I'm the National Departmental HR Head of Youth India foundation. The experience, the knowledge and professionalism I am gaining while working with Youth India Foundation are phenomenal. The art of recruiting people, concepts and ideas that I learned are the ones that have changed the way I see and "do."!

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