Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

  • Date:April 2022
Tamil Nadu

Youth Tamil Nadu started out as a small extension of the organisation and has now spread its wings to become an integral part of Youth India with over 500 members and a core team of more than 60 members in various departments putting their heart and soul in building a society that we are proud to be a part of.


Our first major event Danz-In was an online dance competition with around 500 participants. After two rounds of filtering, Top 5 made it to the live finale which was held on YouTube where the overall and category-wise winners were announced. The proceeds of the event was used to start a new initiative Kala Tirth- India's Canvas, to support the local artists affected by the pandemic.

Societies & Education

After establishing a strong core team, the organisation has branched out into nine new societies spread all across Tamil Nadu with its reach in various colleges and societies. These societies organised 9 spectacular events in various domains with hundreds of participants. The funds generated from these events will go towards the education of underprivileged children in eschools. Youth Tamil Nadu is soaring to newer heights with each passing day, bringing more lives under its umbrella and doing their bit towards the society.

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